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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
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Karma Dahlia Collection
Varietyname Karma Gold
Tradename Karma Gold
Classification Decorative
Height 40 " (100 cm )
Flower 6,8" (17 cm)
Colour Flower Yellow-gold
Colour Foliage Dark green
PBR PP, PBR applied for
Propagation Tissueculture
Production Tubers, cuttings
Winner Gebr Verwer 2010

Karma Gold was added to the collection in 2011.
The large flower has a warm, gold-yellow colour and have a good vaselife. The foliage of this variety is more inceesed, we call it 'fernlike'.

Next to the excellent characteristics as a cutflower this one is a beauty in border and garden. And it is a nice showdahlia.

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Karma Gold  Verwer Dahlias

Update: 18 december  2015     all content and pictures: Verwer Dahlias bv Lisse, NL