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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
Fa Gebr Verwer
Dahliacultuur, Handel, Export

Derde Poellaan 73/75
2161 DL Lisse
The Netherlands
tel +31 252 226477
fax +31 252 220374

Email: info@verwer-dahlias.com

The Fa Gebr Verwer company was established in 1967 by brothers Kees and Aad Verwer and is located in Lisse in the heart of the bulb-growing region between Haarlem and Leiden. Although dahlia cultivation has always had a permanent place in the business, the growing of certain other secondary crops such as tulips, narcissi, and various perennial plants has been done as well, along with the forcing of bulb flowers during the winter and the harvesting of various cut flowers in the summer. Over the years, however, dahlia cultivation has played an increasingly important role in the firm's activities. In the 1980s, a plant-breeding programme was launched; since then, several new varieties have been added to the existing line of products. By specialising in the breeding programmes, the company is devoting its efforts to realising new groups of dahlias that capitalise on the latest gardening trends and applications. Since 1995, the company has been requesting plant breeders' rights for promising new varieties and has been working together with selected partners to market them.

The company's goal is to develop dahlia varieties of high quality that capitalise on gardening trends and applications. Production processes are increasingly making use of such modern propagation methods as tissue culture and rapid propagation from stool plants so that certified virus and disease-free parental material is serving as the basis for this production.

Each year, cuttings are taken from more than 100 varieties and then cultivated on a land surface of approximately 8 hectares to produce saleable tubers. The company is a member of the co-operative of dahlia growers known as 'Gallery'. Ninety percent of the company's production is based on varieties bred and developed by the firm itself. In addition, great quantities of dahlias are harvested as cut flowers during the summer months. It is also during this time of the year that the company is participating in promotional activities such as exhibitions and inspections.

The company supplies retail companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Its varieties protected by plant breeders' rights are utilised by 'Gallery', the dahlia co-operative, to produce dahlia tubers for dry sales and forcing to potplants. They are also used by various alliances to produce dahlia cuttings for pot culture and cut flower production.
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Update: 19 november 2015       text and photographs   Verwer Dahlia's bv Lisse, NL