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         Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
Gallery Dahlia®

Lowgrowing dahlias with a compact planthabit.
Very floriferous, 15 colors available.
For flowerbed and border and excellent for container culture.

Happy Single® Dahlia

Plantheigth between 22 and 28 inch, (55 - 70 cm)
The Happy Single Dahlia characterizes by:
Attractive dark foliage
Single flowered in happy colors
Nice contrast by the dark flowercentres

Happy Days Dahlia

The varieties of this collection have a height of ± 25-30 cm.
They have dark foliage and sinle flowers.

Dahlegria Dahlia

This Dahlegria series is a new design of the Happy Single line.
The Plants of this new series have dark foliage and have single flowers

Melody Dahlia

Compact planthabit, very floriferous plants,
great postproduction of flowers,
Height between 20 and 35 inches,
for border and containerculture

Karma Dahlia®

Specially selected varieties for cutting.
Long, straight and sturdy stems,
a good vaselife and harvestable at immature stage.

ACe Dahlia
Classic Dahlia® (discontinued)

Our Products

The collections of Verwer-Dahlias have been compiled on the basis of their similarity in terms of variety characteristics and thus their similarity in terms of application.
On page: Collections you will find a printable tabel with an overview of our collections and a brief description of the varieties.
Dahlias used as ornamental plants will yield rich forwards- richness in the form of colours and floral shapes!

The plant displays many different habits that range in heigth from only 20 cm to allmost two metres.
The foliage, too, exhibit a variety of colours that run the gamut from bright green to deep maroon. In diameter dahliaflowers start with a few centimetres, but some giants can grow to more than 30 cm across.
All this variety in their characteristics makes dahlias usefull for many different applications.
The General Culture page describes the classifications and provides photographs of good examples
Update: 25  november 2015       © text and photographs   Verwer Dahlia's bv Lisse, NL