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Fa Gebr. Verwer is a company which is active as a refinement company, a nursery and a wholesaler’s for both trade and export companies in the Netherlands and Europe . *
The new species arisen from our refinement activities appear in the trade as rights-protected species.
Verwer-Dahlia's BV is the company which looks after and exploits these rights-protected species.

Our dahlias are in production and available to the consumer in numerous ways.
Production occurs in several countries and with several different application possibilities:

The production of tubers for dry sale purposes, mail order and as propagation material for pot plants and cut flowers.

Our own tuber production is supplied to export and trade companies.

Contact address:
Fa Gebr Verwer,
3e Poellaan 73/75
21 61 DL, Lisse-NL
tel: +31 252 226477 fax: +31 252 220374 email: Click here to send mail

The production of the Coöperatieve Dahliakwekers Gallery: (Co-operative Dahlia Nursers Gallery u.a.)
Website: www.coop-gallery.com

The tubers of these rights-protected species are intended for dry sale purposes and as propagation material for the production of pot plants or cut flowers.

Contact address: Dahliateam CNB, Lisse
Grachtweg 75a of Postbus 31, 2160 AA Lisse
telefoon (0252) 43 12 34 fax (0252) 43 11 64 e-mail dahliateam@cnb.nl

The production of cuttings, as a result of tissue cultivation and peat plants for the production of pot plants and cut flowers.

Dahlias from our Gallery Dahlia ®, Melody Dahlia ™ and Karma Dahlia ® Collection are also produced as propagation material for container cultivation and the production of cut flowers.
These cuttings, which have resulted from tissue cultivation, are free from all diseases and viruses. The parties are therefore very homogeneous in plant habits and reaction time.

These species are rights-protected and are produced under licence.
For more information on this subject:

Keep Smiling bv, email: info@keepsmiling.nl

* : We don’t deliver straight to the customer, but we can provide you with details of your local sales outlets.

You will find more information regarding Dutch Export and mail order companies on the KBGBB website.

On our Links page, you will find more addresses of related trade companies and also information regarding the supply to the general public via mail order or specialised dahlia trade companies.

You will also find details of several specific dahlia suppliers, who serve the general public in both the Netherlands and Europe on NDV’s website.
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