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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
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Karma Amanda
Karma Amora
Karma Bon Bini
Karma Choc
Karma Corona
Karma Fuchsiana (discontinued)
Karma Gold
Karma Irene
Karma Lagoon
Karma Maarten Zwaan
Karma Naomi
Karma Pink Corona
Karma Purple Corona
Karma Prospero
Karma Red Corona
Karma Royal  (discontinued)
Karma Sangria
Karma Serena
Karma Thalia
Karma Ventura (discontinued)
Karma Yin Yang
For outside and inside decoration.
A specially selected range of dahlias producing lots of strong, sturdy stems which carry the beautifull coloured vibrant flowers with an outstanding longevity as a cutflower. Plant them in your garden, enliven the garden in your house!

The Karma Dahlia Collection is a line of dahlias carefully bred and selected to produce dahlias especially suited for cutting. After all, with their lovely shapes - and their sparkling colours - dahlias have long been favourites as cut flowers.
And there are very few other ornamental plants that produce such a wide variety of flowers in such bright colours.
As a cut flower, the dahlia's weakest point has been its limited keeping quality.
For this reason, the varieties in the Karma series have been selected for their keeping quality as well as their floriferousness, floral shape and colour, and long, straight, sturdy stems with little or no lateral branching. Karma dahlias can be cut at a fairly immature stage and have a vase life ranging from 7 to 12 days.

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Update: 21 december  2015       text and photographs   Verwer Dahlia's bv Lisse, NL