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Cultivarname Melody Dora
Tradename Melody Dora
Classification Decorative
Height 26 inch (65 cm)
Flower 5.2 inch (13 cm)
Flower, colour Bicolor, yellow in the centre, the tops shiny orange-red
Foliage, colour Darkgreen
PBR EU 10171, PP 13.257
Propagation Tissueculture
Production Cuttings, tubers
Winner J van Ruiten, 1996

Melody Dora is a freely branching plant with nice, vibrant coloured flowers in yellow and red-orange.
In 1998 it was rewarded as the best dahlia at the KAVB Trial garden.
It was send in by J. van Ruiten who named the dahlia after his mother: Moeder Door.
As it fits excellent to the Melody-series we bought the variety in 1999 with the condition that the name would be maintained.
Melody Dora is perfect as a border plant and can very well be grown as a tub plant in somewhat larger containers.

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Melody Dora  Verwer Dahlias

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