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Dahlia's ..... the Summer in your Garden
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Varietyname Gallery Salvador
Tradename Gallery Salvador
Classification Decorative
Height ± 13 inch, 35 cm
Ř Flower ± 6 inch, 15 cm
Colour Flower Cream white centre, to the tops deep red-purple. The underside of the petals are coloured deep red which gives a very special appearance to the opening flower, even the buds are goodlooking!
Colour Foliage Green
PBR PBR, PP (pl.10.501)
Propagation Tissueculture
Production Cuttings, tubers
Winner Gebr Verwer 1994

Gallery Salvador may not be the easeast dahlia to grow  but with some extra care it will develope to a real jewel in your garden, border or container.

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Gallery Salvador © Floramedia

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