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Culture and care
Dahlia Culture

Overview of the classification of Dahlias:

Dahlias are classified according to their typical traits and characteristics:Dahlias are most various in their flowerform. One of the first notable things is the difference in flowerhead between the single-flowered types and the fully double flowers.

On this page you'll find the single and semi double flowertypes.

Dahlias in this group have a single row of petals around the edge of the large open central disc. The petals may overlap one another.
Mignon Mignon Dahlias

The inflorescence has a single row of broad ray flowers encircling an open central disc.
Height: up to 50 cm.
Flower size: approx. 10 cm.   
Mignon Dahlia
Mignon Topmix Dahlias

Like mignons, Topmix dahlias have a single row of ray flowers, but the flower measures only a few centimetres across. Floriferous, not taller than 40 cm.
Topmix Dahlia
The inflorescence has an open central disc and two or more rows of petals.

Peony-flowered Dahlias

The flowers have between two and five wreaths of petals that encircle an open central disc. The row edging the central disc can be somewhat irregular in shape or curled. Height: from 50 cm.

Flower size: usually around 10 cm.
Classic Elise
Paeony flowered Dahlia
Anemoonbloemig  Anemone-flowered Dahlias

The inflorescences of anemone-flowered dahlias have one or more rows of ray flowers. The central disc is formed by tightly clustered, fairly long disc flowers that are usually the same colour as the ray flowers.

Height: from approx. 30 to approx. 60 cm.
Flower size: from approx. 3 cm to approx. 8 cm.

Anemone-flowered Dahlia
Halskraag Collerette Dahlias

The inflorescence of a collerette has one row of broad, flat ray flowers. Between the central disc and the ray flowers is a wreath of disc flowers that are half as long as the ray flowers; usually there is a strong colour contrast between these disc flowers and the ray flowers. The central disc consists of short disc flowers.
Height: around 70 cm.
Flower size: 8 to 12 cm.
Collerette Dahlia

Update: 18 november 2015       text and photographs   Verwer Dahlia's bv Lisse, NL